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pH miracle diet and weight loss

So what is the best benefit other than health improvement from the pH diet^ Weight loss. This is mainly why people turn to that popular diet. Furthermore the pH miracle diet is proven to remove excess weight.


Thereís an epidemic hitting our nation: obesity. The alarming result shows that in the USA in the age class of 20 and over, 59 millions people are obese by 30 pounds or more. This of course is a great health factor that could lead to hearth disease or diabetes. Want more numbers? Well 15% of children (6-19 yrs.) are overweight or obese by 15pounds or more. (That is doubled from the 1980ís.

The body gets fat because we give it too much acid waste. Half a truth is believing that our enemy is fat. The real problem is acidity. Want to read a good one? Fat can save you if you give too much acidic foods such as red meat, sugar or dairy products! Basically all the good stuff thatís nasty for your body.

Here is how the acid problem begins. There is food that creates an acid when you digest it. Where does the acid go? It stays in your body and waits. Then, one of the two following things can happen. The acid gets eliminated rapidly and thatís the end of it or it doesnít get taken care of and they go in surrounding cells and so on and so on, and it isnít pretty. Have no Ďfearí, your body wonít let that intruder win without a fight because you have fat. Your body fat and the fat you get from the food you eat daily will try to neutralize the acid. Your body can deal with a little acid and eliminate but it but if there is too much acidic waste, then it turns into more fat.

If your body could talk and tell you one thing for this problem and would be the equivalent to ĎI told you soí is, youíre fat because you eat too much acidic foods. Their body is also saying ok you can eat the food that you eat but there is just so much I can do to keep you alive, I will turn fat. Fat is not a problem, itís the cause from the problem. The popular belief once again is that if you cut the fat from your diet you will lose weight. But as mentioned earlier, the big problem is the acidic foods they eat because the body isnít designed to eliminate all that acid. A diet that is high in fat is the high proteins / low carbs diet but for some it is necessary because of their high acid diet.

The solution for weight loss is to eat foods that are full of alkaline. The ideal diet then is the pH miracle diet. It will bring your body back to the way it was originally meant to be (pH wise) and will give you back your original weight.


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